Fitness Magic? Not Here.

In the 15 years that I have been a Personal Trainer, I can’t tell you how many times clients have mistaken me for a magician.  A fitness magician!   I’ve spoken to many trainers, and the one thing we can all agree on, is some of our clients think we have the power to magically make … Continued

Cheat Day!

Although we try to resist the temptation, everyone has a cheat day… Even our personal trainers!  Check out what your trainer’s guilty pleasures are:   Sherman: tacos, cheeseburgers, fried chicken Michelle : soft pretzel w/ beer cheese, crab dip,  lobster mac and cheese Guy: pizza, cinnabon, roti Arthur: mac and cheese, buffalo wings, loaded french fries Nikki: chicken wings, ice … Continued

Healthy Eats During Restaurant Week

This week was Baltimore Restaurant Week, meaning there were awesome specials and fun new eats to try throughout the week!  Even though there was an extension this time around, it seems like there never is quite enough time to hit them all.  In case you missed any, below are the participating restaurants in our neighborhood … Continued

Hot Valentines Fitness Gifts

Its coming up again… the dreaded mushy Valentines…what to get your wife/husband/partner that has it all?  Well, if they are into fitness (and who isn’t???) you can’t go wrong with these top picks. We used to always advocate giving a few months of membership at your local gym (MV Fitness!), or a few sessions with a Personal … Continued

Mind Tricks To Change Your Eating Habits

There are so many messages out there that subconsciously encourage us to eat more, or eat foods we know better than to be shoving down our pie holes.  Think about that commercial where friends are having a really good time eating delivery pizza- they all look fit and healthy and super happy.  Or the one … Continued

Tired? Here’s How to Energize Your Body Naturally

Being tired in the summer feels leagues different than it does in any other season. The sun is shining! The sky is blue! The temperature is warm and inviting! And there’s tons to do outside. Sounds amazing, right? When you’re ready to seize the day and your body and mind are sharp, yes. When you’re … Continued