Is a long term contract required to join MV Fitness?

No! We offer Open Ended versions of all our membership types at a 20% premium. Also, please be aware that Annual agreements can be terminated prior to the end of the initial term without penalty by providing documentation of a move at least 10 miles from the club.

What is included in my membership?

Our memberships vary by type as follows, but all include great service, a clean workout towel, shower towel, shower amenities, and use of our cardio, plate loaded, functional movement equipment and free weights. The Just The Gym membership includes access to the club at all times, but no group fitness classes. The Works membership includes access to the club at all times and all the group fitness classes on our schedule for only $7 more! The The Works + Training memberships include everything the The Works has, plus a selection of 2 one-hour individual sessions per month, 3 half-hour individual sessions per month, 4 one-hour individual sessions per month, or 6 half-hour individual sessions per month.  The half-hour individual sessions can also be traded in for 3 or 6 one-hour group training sessions.  Please ask at the front desk for more details!

Are all classes included in membership?

All classes listed on our Group Fitness schedule are included in the The Works and The Works + Training memberships. Excluded from all memberships, are group training sessions, such as Bootcamp, TRX Camp, Boxing Clinic, Fit Club, and Sweat Shop.

May I reserve a spot in one of the Group Fitness classes?

All classes are open to all of our members. If you have a membership that does not include classes, you may purchase a Class Pack to go along with your membership. Even if you do not have a membership at all, you may purchase a Class Pack in order to participate in our awesome group fitness classes. You may reserve a spot in class up to a week in advance.  All sign ups are done online, even from your phone. Download our app for easy access!

Do I have to sign up for group ex classes?

It is advisable to sign up for classes in advance to make sure you secure your spot, but if you just feel like dropping in on occasion, just check at the front desk to be sure there is space available. You will be signed in to class, given a token, and off you go!  Please note that if you sign up in advance, you will be notified of any instructor change or other modifications to the class format.

Can I train with one of your personal trainers without a membership?

Yes! We welcome members and non-members to take advantage of our amazing personal trainers. The rates are the same whether you are a member or not, so no tricky moves here! Just know that you can get a very big break on membership if you train a minimum of twice per month with our Personal Training membership.

Are personal trainers available all the time?

Every member receives one complimentary fitness evaluation with a personal trainer. MV Fitness has an extensive team of nationally certified personal trainers on staff. We offer several affordable plans and training packages to help you reach your fitness goals. You may schedule your free consultation directly with the trainer of your choice, or email [email protected] for help selecting the trainer that best fits your needs.

What is the guest policy?

All members may bring a guest for a fee of $5.00 per visit to enjoy all the club’s amenities. Non-members may purchase a Day Pass for $20.

How do I cancel my membership?

A member may voluntarily terminate his/her membership after the initial contract period by submitting a cancellation request online. Members must provide 30 days notice and proof of move or medical notice, if still within initial term.

If I go on vacation or travel for an extended period, can I place my membership on hold?

If members are away for an extended period, they may freeze their membership for up to three months, free of charge. The freeze function can also be used for recovery from illness or other issues you may not want to share with us! When a member freezes a membership, the membership term is extended for the same duration as the freeze period.  Freeze requests may be made online.

What if I am injured and cannot utilize the club?

Members may freeze their memberships for medical reasons free of charge. If the injury is such that it precludes use of the club indefinitely, documentation from your physician will be required in order to terminate the membership prior to the end of the initial term.

What is the club’s inclement weather policy?

It is the club’s goal to maintain normal operating hours at all times. However, we are mindful of the safety of our staff and members. In case of adjusted hours, an email will be sent 2 hours prior to an early closing or late opening which will also be reflected on our webpage.

Does the club have free Wi-Fi?

Yes! The club offers free Wi-Fi to all our members and guests.

Can I change my membership type mid-way though my initial term?

Yes! If you decide to add Group Fitness or Personal Training to your membership, just let us know and we will make the adjustment. Your term will not be interrupted and your same billing date will be preserved. Likewise, if you would like to downgrade your membership, we can do that too!

What happens after the first year of membership? Do I need to sign a new contract?

After your initial term, your membership automatically rolls over into an Open Ended version of your previous membership without any additional charge. In order to stop your membership from automatically rolling over, please submit a cancellation request online with 30 days notice.

Can I attend Group Fitness classes without a membership?

Yes! We sell class packs in singles, pack of 5, 10 and 20.  If you take more than one class per week, it is much cheaper to add classes to purchase The Works membership, but this is totally up to you!  Here is the pricing for class packs:  1- $10, 5- $40, 10- $60, 20- $100.

What holidays does the club observe?

MV Fitness closes on Christmas Day and New Years Day. For all other holidays, we may apply weekend hours, 8am- 6pm. We announce all changes to our schedule at least one week in advance, both via email and posted on our front door.