Healthy Eats During Restaurant Week

This week was Baltimore Restaurant Week, meaning there were awesome specials and fun new eats to try throughout the week!  Even though there was an extension this time around, it seems like there never is quite enough time to hit them all.  In case you missed any, below are the participating restaurants in our neighborhood and our favorite dishes, all within walking distance of the club!

Brewhouse #16:  try Smoked Chicken Drumettes

Cazbar:  try Tavuk Sutee or Basked Okra with Lamb

Sotto Sopra: try Pork Ossobuco or Salmon Ratatouille

Helmand:  try Kaddo Borwani or Dolma Murch

The Elephant:  try Grilled Polenta with Black Truffle Broth or Wild Mushroom and Quail Paella

The Brewer’s Art:  try Pan Seared Scallops or Grilled Abalone Mushroom

XS:  try Love Flower appetizer and Chicken Satay

Marie Lousie Bistro:  try Salmon Carpaccio or Bouillabaisse

If you’re a foodie, Restaurant Week can be a temptation to try many different types of food, some which may not directly align with your fitness goals. So, while being adventurous, here are some thoughts and guidelines to help make your meal choices healthier (now and throughout the year!)


  • Look for fresh local vegetables
  • Side dish best bets: brown rice, steamed or grilled vegetables, quinoa
  • Lean meats/protein
  • Ask for sauces/ dressings on the side and use sparingly
  • Choose tomato based sauces vs. cream based
  • Look for fish and seafood options
  • Skip the unlimited bread
  • Choose grilled or roasted preparations over fried (code: “crispy”)

Although the temptation to try new dishes can seem like a set back to your health and fitness goals, we are here to help keep you motivated and on track.  You don’t have to miss out on the fun, just make smart choices and keep your portion sizes reasonable…. Then get back on track in the morning!