Flex It

More and more people are starting to understand the importance of flexibility training.  Great posture and stress reduction are just two of the benefits you will notice if you include stretching in your fitness routine.


We all know that good flexibility is important, but improving your flexibility is like having the intention to eat right- it sounds like a great idea and seems fairly straight forward, but when you try to do it, it gets complicated, confusing and sometimes disheartening.

What is Flexibility?


Traditionally, flexibility has referred to the range of motion available in one joint or a group of joints. More recently, that definition has been broadened to encompass the ability to readily adapt to changes in position and alignment. We are striving, in fitness, to make exercise and movement “functional,” or give it meaning and purpose in our everyday lives. This newer definition creates the connection between flexibility and our ability to react, respond and perform any movement safely and efficiently – whether doing a bench press, a kickboxing move, playing golf, recovering from a slip or trying to carry countless bags in from the car.

Why is Flexibility Important?


Flexibility is involved in all of our movements. By creating a balance with all of its elements, functional flexibility can enable you to move more freely, efficiently and effectively. Whether you are an athlete or not, flexibility can add to your power and strength. Not only that, it can help prevent injuries as well as ease stress and strain by making movement more fluid and controlled.

Life is busy. No one really has the time to slow down or stop because of an injury, and wouldn’t it feel better to be able to move throughout your entire day with greater comfort and ease?
At Federal Hill Fitness, we offer Yoga instruction on Sundays and Wednesdays, included in your membership.  Also consider seeking the advice of a Personal Trainer to devise a stretching program specific to your needs and your limits.  Stretching before and after your workout will not only minimize injuries, but can be a pretty terrific workout on its own!