Sinister Sweet Seduction

Don’t be fooled! Sugar has been a hot topic for the last few decades. This substance that has been around forever and can be found in pretty much everything we eat, can be very detrimental to our health, and it is hiding where we least suspect it. When we try to cut out sugar from our diet, … Continued

Mind Tricks To Change Your Eating Habits

There are so many messages out there that subconsciously encourage us to eat more, or eat foods we know better than to be shoving down our pie holes.  Think about that commercial where friends are having a really good time eating delivery pizza- they all look fit and healthy and super happy.  Or the one … Continued

Strengthen Your Motivation Muscle

Ask thirty people what the hardest thing about working out is, and you won’t hear anything about a 300lb bench press, monster deadlift, or a tractor tire flip.  What you are going to hear every time is something about motivation:  How hard it is to actually get to the gym.  How hard it is to … Continued

Goal: Fat Loss (Not Weight Loss!)

Weight loss and fat loss are two terms that seem like they could be used interchangeably. In fact, these terms often are. However, they both refer to very different concepts that are important to understand so that you can have a clear picture of what your fitness goals actually are. By not understading the difference, … Continued